Beer and Jessop Amusements, family owned and operated since 1852.

May 31, 2018 - June 3, 2018

Everything changes... a tire is a tire, it's round but the "markings", the "rubber formula", the " grooves" to make it roll better... ALWAYS change. The way the "new generation", the Millennials, view things differently. We are not about taking over, taking charge. What we do is give your Board / Committee another set of eyes to see on what can be constructed, tweaked or terminated for your Event to succeed in the next several years, and to prepare for what is yet to come. 

Sometimes being correct isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

Marketing Objectives can be expressed in a variety of forms including financial, educational, branding, communication and experience-based outcomes measurable in a manner appropriate to your event and community.

We’re seeing a new generation of Festival / Fair Attendees... keen on adventure and using their free time wisely for Family bonding that are intellectual, emotional and fun.


Our commitment to community

We are a community-focused organization, firmly committed to working directly with Groups that want to make their Event profitable and noteworthy. We maintain a network of experienced and courteous professionals from Coast - to - Coast.

​​​Our Flagship Event - the annual NILES FAMILY FUN FAIR and                        BLUEGRASS / AMERICANA / FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL ​                          aka Niles Bluegrass Festival   

                        16 years of Family Fun... and a FREE Music Festival                        

Fairs / Festivals / Events


* Consulting

* Coordinating

* Risk Assessment

* Logistics and Layout​​

​* Attractions

Family type Amusement Rides presented by:

Hosted by: The Niles Riverfront Optimist Club

 Chapter #17493 of Optimist International