​It might sound complicated, but it really isn't.

At a typical meeting... we listen, take notes, assess, visual inspection of grounds, explain in detail the positive and negative outcomes, what has "worked" and what "isn't working", re-assess, then discuss.

* On-site, hands-on inspections

* Risk evaluations

* Loss prevention assessment

* Equipment evaluations

* Grounds & facilities inspection

* Vendor Audits

* Ride/Attraction Entertainment evaluation


 ​B.A.J.A musements  (HOTLINE)  574-518-1586

Welcome to Beer and Jessop Amusements, we are a family owned and operated amusement company that specializes in providing family entertainment for all ages.  We provide safe thrill rides, kiddie rides and family rides.  With a wide variety of food and games, there is something for everyone.

Power cables, fire lanes, water supply, drainage, trash containers, dumpster, etc.

Planning and Preparation, will ensure that your Festival / Fair / Event goes over without a hitch. 

* Preparing the venue
To enable Attendees to park, enter and flow through your Festival without any glitches... by creating a detailed, to-scale site map of the entire venue.

Map out your attendee flow, from entry to points of sale and to the attractions.

- Research local regulations, zoning and permits needed and obtained.

Understand traffic patterns and create a back-up plan for worst-case scenarios.


And that is just afew bit parts of the equation... to the solution! 

Let us work together with you, on helping make your 

Festival / Fair / Event memorable, safe and fun.

There’s a unique quality one gains after 50 years in the business of live events.

We are Certified in Outdoor Event Planning and Event Procedures.

It’s something that you just can’t get from a novice event provider, and it goes way beyond technical acumen (although that comes with the territory too).

This elusive and invaluable attribute is the ability to anticipate and circumvent problems before they occur. We have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to safety, liability and planning.

Our Business Partners:

Observing, analyzing and evaluating... then the focus is fixed on upgrading operations and an adjusted marketing program.